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Milk Nº49 Invierno 16. La compre en FREE TIME , La rabla Barcelona.


This is the design for ‘ANNIVERSARY MilK’ Pop-up store, which is a temporary select shop at Omotesando Hills,

by “Milk Japon” magazine of kids fashion and lifestyle magazine.The period of this store is one year.

The store concept is ‘Life With Children, Generous and Beautiful’ was the base for the store design.

While expressing the world of MilK Japon aesthetics this store also offers a flexible space that can beused for various

events and workshops.



Descubrimiento de Little Creative Factory

Nueva marca de indumentaria para niños, made in Barcelona. Excelente!!!

“We are not a trend machine that mass produces clothes and ideas that will be irrelevant some months later. We believe that less is more and this is why our pieces are atemporal. Each piece allows our little customers to grow with it and create their own style. We want everybody to tap into their creative side and be capable of creating their own identity”.